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Beach Bag Favorites

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Hello, Loves. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite items to pack when I go to the beach.

1. Young Living Essential Oils-

Recently I've been getting into using Young living's essential oils as part of my daily skincare routine. I like to create rollers as well as spray bottles of my favorite oily blends. Let me just tell you, I can't live without them!  My skin looks fresh and healthy, and my roller keeps me smelling good on a hot Summer day. Here are two of my favorite recipes. I have sensitive skin, so you are welcome to add more drops of oil if you don't.

Summer Forest Roller Blend

Face Toner Spray

2. One Camera, One Lens (one Hubby ;))-

Besides my oils, I love to bring one camera and one lens with me. As a photographer it's sooo easy for me to want to bring every camera I own, but I've realized that I won't enjoy my trip if I do this. 

3. My favorite Tea-

When I go away I love to bring some of my creature comforts with me, and my favoite tea is one of those things. Harney and Son's Caffeinated Cherry Blossom Green tea is my current favorite for icing. I fill a glass up with ice, put some water overtop of it and then dip the tea bag in. In a couple of minutes it's ready to drink. 

4. Journal-

I never know when inspiration will hit, or if there is something I want to write down about my travels. I always bring a journal with me whereever I go. My botanical journal by Riffle Paper Co. has the cuttest drawings on the front and smooth lined paper on the inside. They usually come in three packs too!

5. Sunglasses-

You always need a good pair of sunglasses in the summer. I'm really picky about the lens color because it can really change the look of the landscape your looking at. My favorite are rose or brown tinted glasses. It just seems to be so flattering and inspirng to look through. I guess that's the artist in me;)  Mine are from a vintage shop, but here are Gap glasses that are similar. 


Leave a comment below if you enjoyed this post or if you have any questions! Ciao Bella!