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The Catskills

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If you’re looking for the perfect spot to get away for a long weekend, the Catskills have everything you need to have a restful and fun trip. There are great hiking trails as well as quality breweries, and vineyards, not to mention superb restaurants, and cute towns full of vintage shops to explore.

While we visited in the summer, we’ve heard that the fall is a beautiful time to visit as well. We were only there a couple of days, but plan to go back soon.

We stayed at an adorable Airbnb called the Catskill Creek and Cottage,  a Classic Bungalow Colony built in the 1940's. They've updated 4 cottages with the most comfortable beds, a cute little kitchen and a fire pit outside. Some of the cabins also have a wood burning stove inside. While it was still very rustic, it had everything you needed and was right off a main road which made it easy to get to some of the nearby towns.

  A few of our favorite spots were The Woodstock  Brewery. The Ashokan Reservior , which was the most beautiful spot to take photos. It also had a ton of driftwood around the river if you’re into decorating your home with natural elements. Woodstock, though small, had some great resturants and some cute shops. We also enjoyed A Hike up Overlook Mountain . Hiking in this part of New York is a little more rugged than I’m used to, so make sure you bring your good hiking shoes, and a map :) Two things I did not have (oops).

If you’re looking for a farm to buy some pumpkins at, Sunfrost Farm  has what you need. They also have a cafe attached. The Phoenicia diner is supposed to be a popular diner to eat at. One thing about upstate New York is that they have the cutest diners with the finest breakfast foods. In New Paltz, Water Street Market is supposed to have really good antique shop but it’s about 35 minutes from the cabins we stayed at.

Anyone else been to Upstate New York before? I’d love to know your favorite spots to visit while there. 



Portland, ME

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Portland Maine is an old, sleepy, seaport town, that you'll want to move to as soon as you visit. We only spent a couple of days there but we both know we'll be going back again sometime soon. Walking through the cute little town, we saw the old brick warehouses that had been converted into restaurants and adorable shops. Every corner we turned there was another cute coffee shop or vintage clothing store. 

We stayed in the most adorable studio apartment attached to an Airbnb host's home. It was one of the cleanest and warmest Airbnb's I've ever been to. One of the things I love about staying at Airbnb's is that you get to feel like a local.

Our first day there, we went to Sebago Lake, which was about 40 minutes away. We did a little hiking and then swam afterwards. It is a little expensive to get into the park, so I would suggest making a day out of it and packing some food. On our way home, we did a little antiquing and then stopped at  Allagash brewery for a quick refreshing beer. Later that night we went downtown and ate at J's Oysters which had the best seafood! It was my first time trying lobster and let me just say, I'm in LOVE!! You must get the Lobster dinner or the Lobster scampi. 

The next day we were on our way to the Catskills but made sure to stop at the Holy Donut to grab some breakfast. Each donut is made with fresh Maine potatoes. Ginger sugar and Dark chocolate sea salt were our favorite flavors. It's probably good we don't have a Holy Donut near us, because I'd probably be going a couple of times a week. 

We can't wait to go back and explore some more. Here is a great website for other things you can do while you are there. 

A Little Glamping in Newport RI

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Who knew the smallest state in size, would be an incredibly charming vacation spot? Maybe you did, but I had no idea! This past summer we decided to take a New England road trip, and Road Island was our first stop along the way. We spent two days in beautiful, Portsmouth Road Island, close to downtown Newport. We did a little glamping at Melville Campground and stayed in an adorable 1977 airstream camper. It had everything we needed, including wifi and tv. We decided to spend our morning drinking coffee and hiking around the picturesque Melville pond, followed by a delicious breakfast at Cindy's Country Kitchen. During the day we went downtown and walked the streets of Newport, taking in scenes of the  the Grand Mansions . We enjoyed walking around the Vanderbilt's, Marble House, trying to picture what life was like back in the day. You can choose to see just one house or all of them. We chose to see just one. Anyone else been to Road Island? I'd love to know what some of your favorite spots were. 

Beach Bag Favorites

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Hello, Loves. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite items to pack when I go to the beach.

1. Young Living Essential Oils-

Recently I've been getting into using Young living's essential oils as part of my daily skincare routine. I like to create rollers as well as spray bottles of my favorite oily blends. Let me just tell you, I can't live without them!  My skin looks fresh and healthy, and my roller keeps me smelling good on a hot Summer day. Here are two of my favorite recipes. I have sensitive skin, so you are welcome to add more drops of oil if you don't.

Summer Forest Roller Blend

Face Toner Spray

2. One Camera, One Lens (one Hubby ;))-

Besides my oils, I love to bring one camera and one lens with me. As a photographer it's sooo easy for me to want to bring every camera I own, but I've realized that I won't enjoy my trip if I do this. 

3. My favorite Tea-

When I go away I love to bring some of my creature comforts with me, and my favoite tea is one of those things. Harney and Son's Caffeinated Cherry Blossom Green tea is my current favorite for icing. I fill a glass up with ice, put some water overtop of it and then dip the tea bag in. In a couple of minutes it's ready to drink. 

4. Journal-

I never know when inspiration will hit, or if there is something I want to write down about my travels. I always bring a journal with me whereever I go. My botanical journal by Riffle Paper Co. has the cuttest drawings on the front and smooth lined paper on the inside. They usually come in three packs too!

5. Sunglasses-

You always need a good pair of sunglasses in the summer. I'm really picky about the lens color because it can really change the look of the landscape your looking at. My favorite are rose or brown tinted glasses. It just seems to be so flattering and inspirng to look through. I guess that's the artist in me;)  Mine are from a vintage shop, but here are Gap glasses that are similar. 


Leave a comment below if you enjoyed this post or if you have any questions! Ciao Bella!