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Easy Leaf Cleaner

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I am notorious for having a black thumb, just ask my hubby, but I’ve somehow managed to keep a few of my green babies alive as of late.
One change that I’ve noticed makes a big difference, is when I take the time to wipe down the leaves of my plants. If there’s too much dust, they aren’t able to “breathe”.
I love making a leaf cleaner with a cup of whole milk + 5-10 drops of Rosemary essential oil. I put this into a bowl, dip a rag in, and wipe down the leaves of my plants. Bonus: rosemary oil repels plant critters and makes the leaves extra shiny! It also smells AMAZING.
What are your favorite tips for keeping plants alive!?

If you need a great reference book for taking care of succulents, cacti and air plants, House of Plants is a great place to start.