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2 Easy, Natural, Bug Off Sprays

Young LivingMeaghan White

Well, it's inevitable. With the nice weather comes some pesky things. Thankfully the days of toxic sprays can be long gone for your family! Today, I am going to share a simple “Bug Off Spray” that worked wonders for me and my husband last summer! I'll be making a large 16 OZ bottle to last me the whole summer.

Citronella is known for its bright, lemony scent and frequent appearance in insect repellent, patio candles, and sunscreen, Citronella essential oil mixes nostalgia with practicality.

In a 4 oz. glass spray bottle combine:

20 drops each of

+ Purification
+ Lavender
+ Peppermint
+ Eucalytpus Radiata
+ Geranium


+5 drops Citronella

+3 drops Lemongrass

+1 Peppermint

2 oz water

Add a pinch of salt or 1 T of witch hazel, and 3 oz of water. 

That's it! All natural and non-toxic bug off spray for your family!

Another tip to help you enjoy the outdoors, is to grab your diffuser, and sit it next to you on the deck or front porch! Add 5 drops of purification, citronella, lavender and peppermint and you have yet another way to help those pesky things stay away!

For when you get bug bites, make a roller with Purification and Lavender, and it will give you great relief. (Add 10 drops each into a 10 ml bottle and fill the rest with your carrier oil).

Bye bye bugs! We won't miss ya!