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Rosemary Rings for an Intimate Holiday Dinner Place Setting

Meaghan White


20-30 small rosemary sprigs

Floral wire


Red ribbon

Pears (or any fruit really)

Napkins (mine are from home goods)

Your favorite dishes

Your favorite wine glasses



1. Grab 2 or 3 springs at a time and wrap a small piece of wire around them.

2. Connect 3-4 grouped sprigs together with the floral wire

3. Finally tie them with some twine or a colored ribbon. 

4. Put each wreath on top of each napkin. I also chose to put a piece of red ribbon on top for little pop of color.

5. For your centerpiece, use something in your home that can be a great conversational piece. For example, I used my husband's  antlers that he got last Thanksgiving, during his family hunting trip. 

6. For the place setting, I used my simple white porcelain plates, and some vintage wine glasses.

7. I put a simple pear above each dish, something your company can take home or eat for dessert.